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Information and document storage on the web. Review of different methods and how you can best utilize this technology. Office365, Microsoft CRM

Welcome to CommonStuff

CommonStuff is a site that has been created to help people share things on the Internet. As a small business computer consultant, many of our customers are looking for the ability to share calendars, contacts or data to multiple other users.

Contact us if you are interested in disussing how Office365 can help your business do more.

Office365 provides users with the ability to share information, see instantly the availability of others on their team, and raise sharing and collaboration to a new level.




Exchange is the name of the Microsoft email server product used by many companies to manage their mail. Most people are familiar with Microsoft Outlook, which is an email client. Exchange is one of the mail servers that Outlook can connect to. The advantage to using Exchange with Outlook is that, users can share folders, calendars, contacts and even mailboxes. Exchange Online allows users to access their e-mail, Calendar and Contacts where ever they are. Syncing on mobile devises, their desktop, ot via any web enabled device through Outlook Web Access. In Office365 you do not give up functionality when you are on the move.




SharePoint is a web service that allow people to upload (and download) files from the "web" server that hosts SharePoint. It is a great way to collaborate or share documents when the members are spread out or if you want to move your documents to the "cloud". In addition to the basic sharing of documents, you can also create custom "Views" that look at your data and can show you in a snapshot how your key indicators are doing.




LyncOnline is a collaboration/ Instant Messaging / Web Meeting application. This allows you to perform web meetings, Instant Messaging to others on your team. and even quick voice calls over the network without dialing.



Office Professional Plus

Office Professional Plus is Microsoft Office 2013 that many people are familiar with and is licensed as part of the Office 365 E3 Plan. Having Office 2013 on your desktop gives you additional power in using SharePoint and Outlook with the Office3655 offering.