OneNote Little Known Office Application

OneNote Little Known Office Application


OneNote little known Office Application may be the most under utilized program in the Microsoft Office Suite. It is great for taking notes, organizing different pieces of information, and many more possibilities. In the video below we try to show you some of the possibilities.

OneNote is a powerful but relatively little used Application. It can help boost productivity by organizing information in a structured manner and being able to share information across multiple users concurrently. Brought to you by helping you do more.

Lync Desktop sharing

Lync Desktop sharing

Lync Desktop sharing allows you to connect to your customer’s or co-workers desktops. Share your desktop, application. or request remote control on their desktop. This is one of the features that can be very useful to Office365 subscribers. You can share your desktop or individual application, or you can have an external user share their desktop or application. You can even request remote control and remotely run their desktop.

This can be a huge. We have one client who is a CPA and by using Microsoft Lync they can connect to the clients desktop, view the accounting program, and offer suggestions or solutions to the customers problems. The benefits the customers by having faster response from the accountant, and helps the CPA by eliminating a trip to the clients that may take 20-40 minutes  each way. Lync Desktop sharing may pay for your entire Office365 subscription.