Lync Desktop sharing

Lync Desktop sharing

Lync Desktop sharing allows you to connect to your customer’s or co-workers desktops. Share your desktop, application. or request remote control on their desktop. This is one of the features that can be very useful to Office365 subscribers. You can share your desktop or individual application, or you can have an external user share their desktop or application. You can even request remote control and remotely run their desktop.

This can be a huge. We have one client who is a CPA and by using Microsoft Lync they can connect to the clients desktop, view the accounting program, and offer suggestions or solutions to the customers problems. The benefits the customers by having faster response from the accountant, and helps the CPA by eliminating a trip to the clients that may take 20-40 minutes  each way. Lync Desktop sharing may pay for your entire Office365 subscription.


Important New Outlook 2010 Features

Important New Outlook 2010 Features

Outlook 2010 has a number of new features and is (in our opinion) a reason you should upgrade to Office 2010.

1) Outlook can now connect to multiple Exchange accounts. While it may seem odd, we do have a number of clients that want to keep multiple Exchange accounts. Up till now they had to set up individual profiles, closing and re-opening outlook to switch accounts. Now you simply add it as another account in Outlook.

2) Managing large volumes of e-mail. The conversation view in Outlook 2010 improves the tracking of e-mail conversations — reducing information overload. Entire conversations can be moved or categorized with a few clicks. And, new conversation management tools enable you to save valuable inbox space by turning dozens of e-mails into just a few conversations using the new Clean Up feature. The Ignore feature sends an entire conversation to your Deleted items.

3) A much improved Search feature. With Outlook 2010, you can easily sort through high volumes of data. The enhanced Search Tools provide you with ways to quickly find and manage large quantities of e-mail, calendar, task and contact items.

4) Stay Connected. Outlook 2010 is your hub for colleagues, customers, and friends. Use Outlook Social Connector to quickly view history of e-mails, meetings or attachments you receive from individuals. Get additional information about people, such as mutual connections and other social information, through SharePoint My Site, Windows Live™ or other popular third-party sites, to stay on top of your business and social circles.