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Cloud Storage Options

Cloud Storage

Alternates to Office 365 for Cloud Storage

In addition to Microsoft's Office 365, there are other alternates that may better fit the needs of some users. Listed here are several options, generally use for online storage of documents. Focus is on Value with some no cost options and some relatively low cost. If you do have questions or comments please contact us or leave us feedback on the Contact Us page.

Microsoft SkyDrive

Microsoft's SkyDrive is a good Cloud Storage application that integrates well iwth Office 2013 and Office 365. You get 7Gb of free storage, and it gives you a shared folder to be able to share files with others. It works across most devices so you can get easily sync your photos from you iPHONE to you laptop (Mac or Windows)


Dropbox is an online storage that is free for 2Gb and larger amounts of storage can be purchased. It is generally used for sending large file to associates where the files may be too large or numerous for sending by e-mail. You can get your 2Gb of storage by signing up here. Once you sign up you can put private files there, or you can put files into a pubic box where they can be shared with others.

Online Bulk Storage.

We offer an option of online storage that gives you up to 100Gb of storage in the cloud for only $2.50/month. This option comes with a program what will sync specific folders you setup to this online storage area. Since it does sync it can be used as a simple backup, or as a location to place files that you can access from multiple machines/ locations.

Mozy Stash

Mozy is in beta stage with its Stash offering. It is similar to Dropbox, but does have multi platform support so that you can get files from your phone to you laptop/ desktop easily and seamlessly.