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Microsoft® Office 365 is secure anywhere access to professional email, shared calendars, IM, video conferencing, and document collaboration.

Microsoft Office 365 has several Plans" available depending on the needs of the users. You can purchase just one seat/ user if you desire. There are three main groups of Plans to choose from. The Small Business Plans designed for professionals and small businesses (up to 25 users), the Midsize Business Plan (up to 300 users) and the E Plans designed for Enterprise. We see most small businesses going with either the Small Business Premium plan or one of the E Plans (better retention/ legal hold capabilities). You can mix and match to meet your needs.

We expect the most popular plan to be the Small Business Premium plan at $15.00/month/user if paid monthly or $150 for a yearly subscription. This includes e-mail on a Microsoft Exchange Server, a SharePoint server site for document storage, Lync, a desktop sharing/conferencing tool, and the rights to install the current version of Microsoft Office Professional on up to 5 devices that the user works on.

The Enterprise "E1" Plan that offers Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and a Lync Plan at a cost of $8/user/month. We expect some users to migrate to the "E3" plan that includes everything from the E1 Plan plus Office Web Apps AND Office ProPlus, a licensed copy of Office Professional that can be installed on up to 5 devices/computers/user. The E3 plan costs $20/month/user, and allows users to spread the cost of Microsoft Office over time AND have the ability to upgrade whenever new version come out.


Business Software Systems Inc has configured a The E3 collection of Microsoft Online Services for you to try.

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- 25 user licenses Microsoft Office 365 Trial (Plan E3)

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