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Other Services:

Domain Registration: if you need a domain name for a professional looking e-mail address or web site, we can help. You can register and manage the names yourself, or for a small amount more, we will manage it for you.

Email/ Web Hosting, If you need a site to host your web site or your e-mail (or both) we provide reasonably priced hosting. We can be as involved (or as hands off) as you would like us to be. We will even create sites such as this that you can self-manage and edit yourself.

Email Marketing, we have great solutions for you to say in touch with your clients. It is based on the total number of email addresses that you upload for us to send to. There are no per mailing charges, just a small monthly fee to manage your email marketing campaigns. Starting at under $15/month for up to 500 names, it is the perfect way to appear professional in your customers eyes.

Consulting Services, from review of your exiting IT systems, to installing new equipment and networks, we do it all. We can be your one source for your IT needs.