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Customizations for Equipment Builders

Customization of Microsoft CRM 2011 for Equipment Manufacturers

Add Equipment

Equipment can be added under any account. The equipment then appears under the account. You can easily drill down into equipment specifics. The equipment listing can be customized to contain any data that is relevant.


Track Customer Interactions

Record Phone Calls, Appointments, E-Mails, Tasks, Cases (Service Issues)  and other activities. Follow by customer, by salesman or by teams. 

Display Content based on field values

You can customize what data / fields appear based on values of other fields. Our example shows different fields depending on whether the user has selected a round or rectangular shape.


Follow the Sales Cycle with better Insight

Follow projects through identifying the Opportunity, to Quotation, and finally the Close. By tracing your interactions with the customer, you can better analyze your wins and losses to see what you have done right, and see what you can do better.

Calculate fields based on data input in other fields

You can calculate fields based on the data the user inputs. This can make the data input more accurate as well as faster and easier.


Take Your Service to a New Level

Service is often the key to repeat business. Be able to track service issues, deployment of service staff, and resolutions of problems. By centralizing the information Sales and Engineering can know what service activities were done and if any additional followup needs to be done.

Automatically schedule followup Calls and other activities

You can automatically create followup activities when you close another activity.



Centralize your Sales Collatral and Technical Data Sheets

You can attach documents to virtually any record. There are also areas for product documentation, standard quotes/ letters, etc. Get everyone on the same page using the same set of documents.

Get More information in our Whitepaper Industrial_Equipment_CRM2011_Solution-WP.pdf