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CRM for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

CRM can increase productivity and win rate for Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Managing your Customers

Phil Crosby, a well know quality guru says that “All Work is a process”. By understanding your processes you can eliminate errors, cost, and be more productive and profitable.

When people think of quality, they generally are thinking of the manufacturing processes, but you should consider of your Sales and Service efforts as quality processes as well. Why are some salesmen more successful than others? Can you use the knowledge of the best to create a sales process that will enable you to win not only more orders but also be able to be closer to your clients to get more orders from them? How can you best capture the knowledge of your service organization and make it available to others how need it?

Use the same tools as much larger organizations

Before now, any organization that wanted these types of sales tools would have to spend a lot of money and invest a lot of time to see results. Microsoft has now rolled out CRM 2011 which is based on best practices of many organizations and can enable you to better manage the sales process as well as the services you provide to your clients.

Efficient and consistent sales and service operations

By formalizing the process you can gain productivity in the sales process, increase your wins by better understanding your customers, and maintain your customers by being able to follow up on service activities.

We know Capital Equipment Sales & Service Cycles

Having worked for over 30 years in the industrial furnace industry, We understand the business of selling capital equipment, its specializations, and challenges. Microsoft CRM Online is a big step ahead for equipment manufacturers who want to improve their sales and service processes.

Subscription based service to keep costs low

Microsoft CRM 2011 is a subscription based solution priced at $44 per mo per user. There is some setup required and you may want some customization to make a better fit to your current process needs. Generally we will map your desired process in the sales phase and then implement it in our design and deployment phase. Based on a clearly defined scope we are happy to provide you with a fixed price for our services. The CRM 2011 service is web based so no additional hardware is required for hosting the application on your site.

See it to believe it

We have created a demo site that you can use to view how it works and see how it may be able to help your organization. It can also be used to show customizations that you may want that are specific to your needs. Let us know if you would like to gain access and we can give you a quick walk through and then leave you to explore and see how it can help give you a step up on your competitors. Contact us at 908-2187-3838, or send an email to and we will show you how you can improve your customer facing activities.